Belgium Delights has been in business for only 3 years, and is already a thriving family enterprise, and a local success within the busiest farmers markets in San Diego.

Hot and crispy Belgian fries, artisanal Liège waffles and a devilishly mouth-watering garlic Aioli sauce are the three stars of Belgium Delights! They have become the favorite treat of our faithful customers who appreciate the novelty, quality, and friendly service.

Serge, the owner, is proud to be bringing specialties of his country to San Diego, and he is absolutely the first one to make fries and waffles the Belgian way at local farmers markets. His efforts are well rewarded, as he enjoys the elated look on the faces of new patrons when they savor the first bite.

He is on a mission to wow every customer, every time!

The next time you visit your local farmers market, and you find yourself in the mood for something special, trendy and delicious, stop by our booth for an authentic taste of Belgium Delights!

Bon appétit!