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Would You Like Your Next PTA Event, Charity Fundraiser Or School Holiday Party To Be Special And Remembered As THE BEST EVER?

Of course you do – but HOW???
Give Kids Something That They Love!!!

For the past several years, Belgium delights has been a success at many San Diego Farmers Markets. Every week we serve hundreds of children (and parents), and the happy smiles we get as they enjoy that first bite is for us a great satisfaction. It is these delighted children who inspired us to expand our catering business to include school events.

Our fries are not just fries. They are gold, crispy and melt in your mouth. We start by using specialty potatoes, and we prepare them fresh when you order using the Belgian double fry technique. We serve them in the typical cone with a selection of condiments including our delicious homemade Garlic-Aioli.

Our waffles are not just waffles... they are Liège waffles, which are made with yeast and include Belgian Pearl sugar, flower, milk, butter, eggs - only fresh ingredients. The dough has to rise twice and it takes us about four hours to complete a batch. A long process but the results are waffles that are doughy, fragrant and mouth-watering. No one else in San Diego makes them from scratch as we do! Unlike other waffles, the Liège waffle is delicious on its own, but can be even more yummier topped with Nutella, whipped cream, strawberry jam, powdered sugar, syrup, peanut butter, and more. Kids love choosing different toppings! But what’s even better, they love their waffles!

If you are interested to schedule an event or learn more, please contact us at 619.787.6329 or by email at Serge who is from Belgium will be happy to answer all your questions.

We guarantee that our selections will make your next event a delightful and unique affair!
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