Belgium is famous for its chocolate, monk beer mussels, fries and waffles!

There are two types of waffles typical of this wonderful country: the Brussels style waffle, (made with a batter similar to pancakes), and the Liège waffle, also known as sugar waffle (made from dough with yeast) which is dense and much sweeter.

The key element of the Liège waffle is the caramelized pearl sugar that softens under the heat of the iron when prepared, giving the waffle a sweet and fragrant exterior.
Pearl sugar is a specialty sugar from Belgium. Made from sugar beets, it is not completely round, but comes in chunks of different sizes. The most remarkable thing about pearl sugar is that it does not melt easily when exposed to moisture or to high heat, it caramelizes giving a wonderful texture and taste. Only Belgium produces pearl sugar, and how it is made is a highly guarded secret!

Have you ever tasted a Liège waffle made with pearl sugar?
It is buttery and fragrant, it melts in your mouth… it is simply delicious!

When we make our Liège waffles, we use only fresh ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, pearl sugar (imported from Belgium), milk, yeast and a pinch of salt, then follow the original recipe that was perfected with the help of Nicholas Berger, the Executive pastry chef for a famous restaurant in Paris. Nicholas also recommended that the waffles be frozen immediately to retain the flavor and texture. At this time it takes about 4 hours to make 100 waffles, a long process, but well worth the effort.

Don’t be fooled by imitations! Many of the so-called Liège waffles are made using batter, not dough, and most others are made with imported frozen dough that is full of industrial substitutes, additives, preservatives and colorants. The result is a mediocre and stale waffle that has lost its magic!

Not our waffles! In San Diego, we are the only ones to offer Liège waffles made with fresh ingredients!

Although a Liège waffle is mouth-watering on its own, we add a variety of toppings to make it even more delicious: fresh strawberries, bananas, Nutella, powder sugar, whip cream… just to mention a few. Our customers enjoy creating their own waffles. Children love piling them up with whip cream!

You do not need to travel to Belgium to experience this delicacy, come see us at your local Farmer’s Market, we are confident that if you indulge and try one of our hot Liège waffles, your love affair with this delightful treat will be forever!